What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (2023)

What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (1)

Don't you want to know which serial killer you are? Take this FBI profile test to find out what you have in common with Ted Bundy, Zodiac Killer, BTK or others.

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What is the Serial Killer Quiz?

It's a series of psychological questions to determine which mass murderer you are. The goal is to compare your personalities to those of notorious assassins and discover the closest ones.

For accurate results, the Serial Killer Questionnaire looks for signs of detachment,Sociopathieand psychopathy. But the games are loosely based on their similar characteristics, and so the results are to be taken lightly.

If you're interested in crime-inspired trials and thrillers, check it outCriminal Character Quiz🇧🇷 It shows what kind of criminal you are based on your behavior.

serial killernumber of victims
Luis Garavito193
Pedro Lopes110
Javed Iqbal100
Mijaíl Popkov78
Daniel Camargo Barbosa72
Pedro Rodriguez Filho71

Why do people want to meet their fellow serial killers?

While some people struggle with phoniasophobia, the irrational fear of murderers, many others enjoy hearing about them. It's no stranger to the fact that procedural crime television series are extremely popular and viewers can't get enough of the chilling murder stories.

But why? Why do people ask questions like, "Which serial killer am I?"

Asdescribed on theTab.com, Crime affects us all because it can happen randomly at any time in our lives. So our brain is curious about it. You want to know how to prepare for such a devastating event. And that's why we're drawn to crime series and questions like "Which killer am I?"

How do you know which serial killer you are?

You can take an FBI serial killer test to find out which killer at large or captured is similar to you. But if that sounds intimidating, here's how you can do it yourself without judgement.

background: Several studies have confirmed thischildhood traumacontribute to a person's criminal motives as an adult. So if you want to know which serial killer you are, you must first compare your traumas to them.

Motivation: Some killers do it for fun, others for mental illness, and many don't even have a specific motivation. But and you? What could hypothetically motivate you to become a serial killer? The answer can reveal which nefarious monster is similar to you.

Method: FBI profiles examine the types of tools, weapons, and victims a serial killer chooses to identify a pattern. You might do the same when trying to figure out which killer you are. Find out about known patterns and find out which one you identify with. (However, it would be a very strange thing to do.)

How likely are you to be a real serial killer?

At any time,There are 25-50 active serial killers in the US.🇧🇷 In other words, up to 50 of the 329.5 million Americans are murderers. So there is a 0.000007587 to 0.0000151% chance that you really are a mass murderer on the loose.

In comparison, the odds of finding a $100 bill on the ground are 1 in 333 million. So you're less likely to find a $100 bill on the floor than you are a serial killer.

You won't like the results.

Your innocent question "Which real serial killer am I?" You will not get a satisfactory answer. No matter what vicious monster you combine, it's not a charming comparison. So you're guaranteed to be like Holy Shit when you see the quiz results.

These are some of the possible answers.

der Zodiac-Killer

A brutal monster, the Zodiac Killer claimed to have killed 37 innocent people. Despite confessing to his crimes and even revealing his identity through cryptic messages, the Zodiac Killer remains unknown.

Ted Bundy

Bundy reveled in his good looks and was a serial killer who preyed on young women and killed them after sexually assaulting them. He confessed to thirty murders before being executed in Florida State Penitentiary in 1989.

The Butcher

An inspiration for many Hollywood films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ed Gein, aka the Butcher, was a monstrous killer who skinned his victims to create a sort of costume for himself.

And even worse.

This is not. The questionnaire has even more devastating results. So answer the following twenty questions to get an accurate comparison between you and the personalities of notorious serial killers.


QuizExpo does not support criminal activity or acts of violence. And the serial killer personality test is designed to educate and entertain.


  • Question 1

    What makes serial killers what they are?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (2)

    • Social problems and governments.

    • Religious or spiritual things.

    • Identity and Mental Disorders

    • Genetic

      (Video) Which Serial Killer Are You? | Take a quiz and find out!

    • sexual things.

    • It could be anything. Depends on.

  • question 2

    How often do you watch police programs on TV?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (3)

  • question 3

    What do you do when you're alone?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (4)

    • I watch adult films.

    • I watch horror films.

    • I am sleeping.

    • I read.

    • I play videogames.

    • Practical (Or none of the above).

  • question 4

    How do you express your anger?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (5)

    • I yell at the others and startle them.

    • I stay calm and talk about it.

    • Depends on my sense of humor. I'm pretty impulsive.

    • I hide my anger and pretend everything is fine.

    • I fantasize about hurting people who make me angry.

    • I don't do anything specific.

  • question 5

    Would you say that sometimes violence is the only solution? There?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (6)

    • Yes, it is a powerful tool to control people.

    • No, violence is never enough to solve a problem.

    • Yes, that's why soft people don't get over their problems.

    • No, you can think of other creative solutions.

    • Yes, violence gives you power.

    • No, violence is addictive and should not be practiced.

  • question 6

    Do you have taboo sexual fantasies? How would you describe her?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (7)

    • Yes, they are wild.

    • No, I'm a decent person.


    • Yes, they are complicated and strange.

    • No, I don't like costumes.

    • Yes, they are often incest fantasies.

    • No, only a fool would fantasize about strange things.

  • question 7

    How is your relationship with your mother?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (8)

    • She has always loved me unconditionally.

    • We maintain a trusting relationship based on trust.

    • I never had a mother.

    • She has left me.

    • she abused me

    • I don't want to talk about that.

  • question 8

    And your father? How would you describe your relationship with him?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (9)

    • He has always loved me unconditionally.

    • We have a trusting relationship, but we're not that close.

    • I never had a father.

    • I used to humble myself.

    • abandoned/abused me.

    • I don't want to talk about that.

  • question 9

    What best describes your school life?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (10)

    • I was the most popular kid in school.

    • I was a normal student.

    • I was a freak with no friends.

    • I was the smartest student in the whole school.

    • I was a shy and quiet kid.

    • None of these statements describe me.

  • question 10

    On a scale of 0 to 5, how likely is it that you hold a grudge? (5 means very likely).

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (11)

    • 5

    • 4

    • 3

    • 2

    • 1

  • question 11

    Choose a sentence that describes your childhood.

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (12)

    • I was the happiest kid ever.

      (Video) Which Serial Killer From Horror Movies Are You? | Quiz

    • I was a normal kid with a normal life.

    • I was the saddest kid ever.

    • I was extremely shy and quiet.

    • I was energetic and silly.

    • I do not remember

  • question 12

    How do you feel about children in general?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (13)

    • love her

    • can't say i don't like her

    • i don't like her at all

    • I think they are very stupid and useless.

    • I hate them.

    • i appreciate your innocence But that's all.

  • question 13

    How would you describe your love life?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (14)

    • I go to bed when I want. So it's ok.

    • I am in a serious relationship.

    • I've never been in a relationship.

    • I am married and have children.

    • My relationships are short and always end abruptly.

    • I don't want to talk about my private life.

  • question 14

    Which of the following options could your career be?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (15)

    • actor

    • Maestro

    • Cook

    • researcher or scientist

    • Youtuber

    • FBI-Agent

  • question 15

    How do you feel when you hear the details of a gruesome murder?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (16)

    • enthusiastic

    • frightened

    • Calm

    • To fall asleep

    • Strange

    • sad

      (Video) What Horror Movie Character Are You? | Fun Tests

  • question 16

    What if you had to choose a weapon for self-defense?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (17)

    • machine gun

    • Pistol

    • Machado

    • poison dagger

    • hammer or baseball bat

    • Knife, blade or sword

  • question 17

    Describe your arguments in one word.

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (18)

    • Violent.

    • Reasonable and calm.

    • Strange and impulsive.

    • I don't argue with people.

    • stupid and loud

    • It depends who you are arguing with.

  • question 18

    how do you feel about your friends

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (19)

    • You are stupid and useless.

    • I like you very much.

    • I have no friends.

    • I feel sorry for most.

    • I hate them because they are fake and have two faces.

    • I do not know. It's complicated.

  • question 19

    What might bother you the most?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (20)

    • humiliation

    • disrespect

    • ignorance

    • false accusations

    • moral harassment

    • Treason

  • question 20

    last question; How many serial killers do you know by name?

    What serial killer are you? 100% fun quiz (21)

    • Probably more than 10

    • 8-9

    • 6-7

    • 4-5

      (Video) If You Can Solve This Riddle, You're A Psychopath

    • 2-3

    • 0-1


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