What is NCCER certification? | Resume, Certification and Credentials (2023)

The construction and industrial maintenance industry requires a workforce comprised of highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable individuals. Many companies prefer to hire professionals with relevant qualifications and training from reputable organizations.

Then,What is an NCCER certification?An NCCER certification is one of the most important tools the construction industry uses to verify the qualifications of its workers. If you're looking to pursue a career in construction and gain industry-recognized credentials, an NCCER certification may be for you.

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What is NCER?

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NCCER stands forThe National Center for Construction Education and Research. Founded in 1996 with the support of over 125 construction managers and academic leaders, NCCER is now a leading non-profit educational organization covering many different areas.types.

NCCER provides standardized training and industry-recognized qualifications with specializations in more than 70 areas to support the development of a safe and productive workforce. The organization's people development initiatives include certification, instructor certification, standardized curriculum, registration, assessment, and certification.

How does an NCCER certification help?

NCCER certifications are a key component of the industry's workforce development efforts. These credentials allow students and professionals to improve their skills, gain recruitment and enhance their career development.

Earning an NCCER certification can help craft professionals create and maintain their records in the trade.NCCER Registration System. Employers can access the national registry and verify the credentials of their current and potential employees.

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What is the NCCER registry?

NCCER has aCentralized registration systemthat allows companies to track the qualifications of their professionals, verify the qualifications of potential employees and verify their credentials.

Registration also helps workers and professionals to store their qualifications, skills and experience in NCCER's secure database.

After completing the NCCER training and assessment requirements, the enrollment agency will provide you with wallet cards. These cards are a quick and easy way to show off your credentials.

The National Center for Construction Education and Research: Core Values

NCCER has built a reputation for highly standardized and effective training programs that adhere to these eight core values:

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  • integrity
  • credibility
  • Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Quality
  • industry support
  • non-client focus
  • Sustainable career opportunities

NCCER works with over 40 different national organizations and associations that share the same goals.

NCCER Core Curriculum, Training and Assessment

NCCER has developed a training and assessment system based on a curriculum developed by subject matter experts from academia and industry. Provides certifications and business training credentials relevant to the oil and gas, industrial maintenance and construction industries.

Let's take a look at the NCCER system.


If you want to complete a Level 1 craft curriculum, you must meet the NCCER prerequisite. The module covers topics such as:

  • basic security
  • communication skills
  • Introduction to construction drawings

NewsBachelor of Construction Administrationhas a comprehensive curriculum that provides foundational knowledge to integrate design, engineering and technology into the construction process.

program disciplines

Completing basic training can help you gain the foundational skills you need to advance in your preferred craft field. Some of the craft areas that NCCER offers are:

  • field security
  • Crew management basics
  • Heavy equipment operations
  • Industrial maintenance technician for electrical engineering and instrumentation
  • industrial maintenance mechanic
  • Wrought
  • pipe installation
  • tube layer
  • gas pipeline operation
  • Piping corrosion protection
  • pipeline maintenance
  • mechanical whistle
  • project management
  • project monitoring
  • safety guidance
  • technology security
  • Welding
  • air conditioning

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What is the difference between NCCER training and assessment?

NCCER offers training and craft assessments. You can choose either path to earn NCEER's industry-recognized credentials. Industry leaders use portable NCCER credentials when making employment decisions. These certificates show your competence in a specific area.


If you're looking to learn a trade that can help you get started in the construction industry, the choice is yours.NCCER Craft Training Programs.

Accredited training sponsors conduct these training programs using the NCCER prescribed curriculum. These programs are run by contractors, associations, building occupants, and middle and high schools around the world.


NCCER ratingshelp assess the skill level of experienced workers. As part of its National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP), NCCER conducts a variety of written exams for beginners and travelers. These rankings test the knowledge of seasoned professionals in specific craft areas.

Other services

Experienced supervisors can also participateNCCER management reviews. NCCER will issue a prescription for individuals who need refresher training based on the results of their assessment.

NCCER also offers a variety of academic tests for high school and technical education careers.

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How can you get your NCCER certification?

If you wish to become NCCER certified, you must first apply to an NCCER accredited sponsoring school. You can also enroll in a business program that follows the curriculum prescribed by NCCER. Formal training in any of the trades or professions can help you gain the hands-on training you need to apply for NCCER certification.

NCCER's assessment and certification programs consist of two components:Knowledge checks and performance checks.

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If you pass the written test, you can receive the “Knowledge Tested” certificate. To earn your Performance Verification certificate, you must demonstrate your skills in a controlled environment in front of qualified performance assessors. If you complete the written and performance assessments, NCCER will award you the Certified Plus certification.

You can take written exams at any accredited institution. If you pass, you can access your test results, certificates and wallet card during registration.

What jobs can be certified by NCCER?

NCCER offers certifications in a variety of disciplines. Some of the fields in each domain that are eligible for NCCER certification include:

  • Site technology and management:Industrial construction engineer, foreman, supervisor, green construction supervisor, construction, development, team leader, professional, project management, safety and technology
  • Passatwinde:carpentry, plaster concrete, construction, electrical, drywall, masonry, painting, pipe fitting, pipe fitting, plumbing, welding
  • Maintenance:Boiler construction and maintenance, industrial maintenance, scaffolding construction and maintenance.
  • Device Operation:Crane Operator, Gas Line Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Waterjet Technician.
  • Manufacture:Industrial miller, iron making, sheet metal
  • Electricity and electronics:Industrial isolator, instrumentation, power generation (maintenance electrician, maintenance mechanic), power line worker (substation, distribution, transmission, blacksmith)

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What are NCCER credentials?

NCCER credentials help provide national skills transfer to construction professionals and students. A complete set of NCCER credentials includes:

  • Certificate of completion
  • wallet card
  • transcription

You can only get the full set of paper proofs if you do one of the following:

  • Basic/complete technical training with an accredited training sponsor
  • A review written by NCCER
  • A performance review of the NCCER
  • NCCER mobile crane, rigger/signaler or tower crane certification

Although NCCER recommends that you study according to the prescribed curriculum, your recommendation is not necessary to gain your qualification.

Benefits of NCCER certification

NCCER's assessment, certification and career development services can help you have a brilliant career in the construction industry. The National Register contains the names of individuals and their credentials.

Once you become a certified professional, you will be able to have better employment and income opportunities. In addition to a higher salary, certifications can also increase your chances of advancement and advancement.

mar BLSConstruction managers had an average salary of $97,180 per year, whileaverage crane and tower operators earned $64,010 a year.Professionals certified asElectricians had an average salary of $56,900 in 2020.

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Construction CEOs, subject matter experts, and industry leaders collaborated on the collaborative development of the NCCER curriculum. Applying for NCCER qualifications, certifications and accreditation services allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers.

A formal degree, certificate, or training program in the appropriate trade can facilitate the process of earning your NCCER certification.

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common questions

How do I become NCCER certified?

You can earn your NCCER certification by completing one of NCCER's training programs or assessments. Some assessments require you to pass a written test and a performance test to earn your certification.

What does NCER mean?

NCCER stands for National Center for Construction Education and Research. NCCER is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996 that provides standardized training and industry-recognized accreditations with specializations in more than 70 business areas.

What are NCCER credentials?

A complete set of NCCER credentials includes a certificate of completion, portfolio card and transcript that employers and professionals can access in the NCCER national registry.

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