Target Test Prep GRE Review (2023)

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Target Test Prep GRE Review (1)

GRE Target Test Preparation

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  • Multiple subscription options
  • +15 guaranteed points
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  • Affordable GRE Subscription Plans
  • Realistic exercises with high-quality text and video solutions.
  • Comprehensive and streamlined GRE instruction through 40 short learning modules
  • Impressive analytics to help fix behavior bugs and pacing issues
  • Customizable GRE study plans (no one size fits all)
  • There are no live classes or print prep books.
  • We want more content-based video lessons

Describe: GRE Objective Test Preparation Course

  • Our Thoughts: GRE Preparation Materials from Target Test Prep
  • No GRE prep books or live classes?
  • Verdict: Objective Test Prep GRE Course Review

As this is a long review with multiple sections for easy navigation,added an index above. We hope that by the end of this review you will have a good idea of ​​whether Target Test Prep is the right choice to help you prepare for the GRE.

Prices and course options

Let's start this review by briefly discussing the Target Test Prep pricing structure and the different options. Finally, Target Test Prep (often known as TTP) is a quote preparation provider that aMany students are attracted simply by the low prices..

So with TTP you have three preparation options:

  • Flexible preparation for GRE
  • Dedicated GRE preparation
  • Maximum GRE Learning

These three packages are essentially the same, but they differ in only two points: the cost and the duration of access. EITHERFlexible preparation for GREIt is a monthly subscription that lasts approximately$150/mes(although many times we see it on sale for less).

Then, at the next level, theDedicated GRE preparationThe single option costs approx.450 $(although often cheaper to find) and gives you access to TTP materials for 4 months.

so you finally got itMaximum GRE LearningThe package costs approx.500 $and gives you six months of lead time (and yes, it's often on sale for much less, too).

Target Test Prep GRE Review (8)

So there you have it. Target Test Prep's GRE offerings are fairly easy and affordable, especially if youconsider their frequent discounts and promotions.

Compared to other care providers, it is a bit more expensive than others would like.magoshmiAccessible, but with more affordable prices than they saymanhattan prepoprinceton review. Overall, it's an affordable package in the mid-range price segment.

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Prices and course options current at the time of publication.

Our Thoughts: GRE Preparation Materials from Target Test Prep

Before we dive into the analysis of our team's opinion of this course, I would first like to point out that Target Test Prep's GRE preparation package is very quantitative. Whatever the reason, yoursContent covering analytical and verbal writing sectionsit's much lighter and Quant is the clear focus.

If verbal is your forte and you don't really need a lot of help in that area, then TTP will work just fine. Finally,Quant is by far the most difficult section of the GRE., and that is usually whatfits most studentswhile they prepare. (I mean, everyone reads and writes every day, but when was the last time you solved a quadratic equation?).

But for those of you who need a more comprehensive preparation package that focuses more on Verbal (as well as AW), check out our reviews ofmagoshand achievable. Both are affordable, highly ranked courses that are equally weighted across all sections of the GRE. Otherwise, let's get down to business.

The first thing that struck me when logging into my TTP account was how clean their digital platform is.Your control panel is organized intelligently, with clear guides at the top to walk you through the various features and preparation tools. It is a responsive and well-designed portal that I am very happy with (in addition toMagoosh and Kaplan).

Target Test Prep GRE Review (9)

And as for the content material,I like how Target Test Prep organized their curriculum. Essentially you get 40 study units (they call them "modules") in 2 "phases". Phase 1 houses the first 33 units and Phase 2 houses the remaining units.

The first phase is your general learning, ie. h Review of content, test skills, lessons, and general learning of nouns. Then the second phase is about practice.

Basically, the second phase is a series of5 Official GRE Practice TestsWhat do you take and then review? Work your way through the 40 learning units and are ready for the real exam at the end.

I love the simple and direct style of your resume.Your personal study plan accompanies you at every step, and you have that clear and shining goal to achieve at the end. I felt like it motivated me and kept me on track.

Within each module you have 4 separate components. The unit begins with a "make-up test" in which you answer a series of questions that assess material from previous modules.

To beuses the learning science principle of spatial repetitionto make sure you keep the source material as you go. I love I love that about the structure of the unit. Spaced repetition is incredibly powerful and I was happy to see that TTP integrated it.

In the second part of each learning unit, you will work on your lessons. The Lessons themselves are a series of short, text-based chapters that contain material related to the intended topic of this unit. There issomething between 10 and 30 lessons per unit, but they are short and go fast. And each one is divided into pattern problems.

Target Test Prep GRE Review (10)

In my opinion, this is really the most effective part of the lesson. The TTP presents a set of sample mid-range problems to make sure you're paying attention and understanding. You answer them in turn, and then each task is followed by a text and video solution.

You read the model's response and watch the short video that isSuper useful for visual learners.. These video solutions are the "HD Videos" referred to in the course specifications after you have completed your research.

I found these video solutions to be fantastic in terms of content, if a little dated in terms of production quality. You are essentially a problem on a whiteboard where the instructor annotates the screen and tells you how to solve it.

(Video) Target Test Prep GMAT Review (Best Budget GMAT Course?)

From a content standpoint, they're great.. The analysis is accurate and the instructor conveys things very clearly. But then again, the image is a bit grainy and the optics aren't the best.

After completing the unit lessons, you take what TTP calls "chapter tests." This is a series of quizzes that test what you just learned at three levels of difficulty:light, medium and heavy.

You must correctly answer a certain percentage of the questions in each of the three categories in order to advance.

Target Test Prep GRE Review (11)

Then finally it ends with a review where you go over the issues you missed and try to do it.Learn from your mistakes. Go through each answer choice where you made a mistake, and take a few quick notes to categorize your mistakes.

And that is. Once you have completed all four components of a unit, move on to the next module. And this continues until you have completed all 40 modules.So it's not really a complicated maintenance structure, but it's effective.. I loved the comprehensive but short lessons and the classic "learn, practice, repeat" pattern.

Again, it's simple, but very effective. If I wanted anything, it was more video time, since written lessons can get boring. But the classes themselves are perfect and the syllabus is super detailed.

GRE questions and practice tests

I was very impressed with the quality and realism of Target Test Prep's GRE practice questions. In total, you have access to more than 4000 exercises. That's a fair amount, and particularly impressive considering the price of this course. But amount apart,I really liked the realistic nature of your problems..

It is clear that TTP has invested a lot of time in duplicatingthe difficulty, length and content of the actual GRE questions. I often had trouble distinguishing between the practice questions and the actual test questions (the GRE practice questions fromPrinceton and Kaplan revieware also great).

And by the way, for actual exams, TTP only usesOfficial GRE Practice Tests. While the practice questions in your Qbank and the lessons are great,You even get real GRE exams to practice.

It probably goes without saying, but there is no better form of practical work than this. And perhaps more important than the quantity and quality of the exercise material are the associated solutions. Practical work questions are only half of the equation.

Target Test Prep GRE Review (12)

Reviewing practice problems is much more important in my opinion. No comment,you can never learn. And luckily, I was really impressed with TTP's responsive solutions. For one, you get them in both text and video formats.ideal for text-based and visual learners. And for two, they are simply detailed and full of advice.

all in all, it was mevery happy with the number of practice questions I had access to, as well as the quality of the practical work and the explanations that accompany it for verification.

No GRE prep books or live classes?

So this is where my negative points about the TTP course come into play.There are no prep books or live classes.. For some, this may not matter at all. But for others it may be a problem (in which case I would recommend LivePrinceton GRE-Klassen Review).

I personally love live classes. I'm good with self-paced classes, but I like the structure and accountability that live classes provide.

And as for the preparatory books, Iusually likes a good text, But I amless concerned no case since TTP. Your digital lessons work like a book. If you printed and bound all these digital "chapters", you would actually have your own killer book. It just doesn't necessarily feel that way when it's 100% digital and spread across multiple modules. But the written content is definitely there.

(Video) How Omar Achieved Perfect Q170 on the GRE

If these two things are absolutely important to youdepends on your situation and learning style. If you want live lessons I would give youKaplana good look Their live online courses cost money.

Complementary GRE study tools

In addition to lectures, practice material and review sessions.TTP also offers a surprisingly decent list of complementary learning tools.. These include a bug tracker, detailed analysis, note aggregator, equation guide, and fill-in-the-blank notes. Not bad, right?

In fact, that's more than some of the biggest players out there, which is great considering the price.

I would say all thatthe most valuable thing is the analysis. TTP provides data about your performance that is truly granular, providing metrics for several key categories. You can see your performance by problem type, pacing problems, and where you are weak in the sample problems in the chapter. It's a great analysis and can provide some really actionable takeaways.

I apparently have weak proportions, for example. I disagree, but that's what the data says and I trust their metrics. So, overall, I like the TTP add-on tools, especially the analytics.

Live customer support

As an added bonus for students.Target Test Prep offers live customer support. I heard it's supposed to be "24 hours a day" but it actually seems to be just business hours. Fair. I tried this twice and was happy with the result both times.

I once asked a question at 9 p.m. m. and got an answer the next morning at 9 am. m. The response was well written and made for a good night.

Target Test Prep GRE Review (13)

I sent the other one at 11:00 am and got a reply at 1:00 pm, which made me very happy. i found these toosolid answer with detailed analysiswhy my understanding was wrong.

To put it bluntly, that'sdoes not replace private lessons. You can't sit in the chat line and ask questions all day. But if from time to time you run into a problem that you just can't solve, you might get an answer from a TTP expert in a matter of hours.

Content access period

How long you have access to the course materials depends entirely on the package you purchase. You have the choice of a dealerMonth to month, 4 months or 6 months. I'd just like to point out that most GRE students spend around 3 months on their preparation, but this will vary widely depending on your target score and weekly study time availability.

Score boost and money-back guarantee

If you take the full Target exam prep course and do not earn at least15 more points they will give you a full cash refund. For the record, that's better than what most of the competition is offering. For example, Magoosh offers a guaranteed score increase of more than 5 points and PrepScholar offers a guaranteed score increase of at least 7 points.

That being said, there is some fine print behind this guarantee, so be sure to check before you buy.

verdict: Target Test Prep GRE Course Review

The Target Test Prep GRE course has a lot to offer. From its 40 high-performance learning modules to 5 official GRE practice exams and hundreds of video-based problem solving.there's a lot to like.

While I wasn't thrilled that there were no prep books or live classes, and found the videos a bit dry at times, the TTP course still has a lot going for it. I love the smart, adaptable technology and streamlined lessons with built-in exercises and example problems.

Overall, it's an awesome GRE prep course.. For its reasonable price, I wouldn't hesitate to use TTP if you need a big boost to your starting score.

(Video) GMAT Score Increased 110 Points From 640 to 750 with Target Test Prep

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Is Target Test Prep enough? ›

Target Test Prep was as helpful a resource as I could have imagined and was definitely worth the investment. I enjoy learning on my own time and TTP made it extremely easy to do so, while taking the stress out of studying.

Is Target Test Prep harder than GRE? ›

The questions of Target Test Prep GRE are in between easy and hard levels. Some questions are very easy, but there are some questions that are almost as hard as the actual GRE.

Is Target Test Prep worth it for GRE? ›

Totally worth it, guaranteed score improvement!!

After rigorous research, it seemed like Target Test Prep was the most comprehensive and affordable learning platform for me. I completed the whole course within 3 months (around 3 hours per day) and my Quant score went up from 160 to 166.

How long does it take to complete target Test Prep GRE? ›

The course instructors recommend that students spend about 150 hours on average to complete all 38 modules in their intended order. You begin the course by taking a 40-question diagnostic test designed to gauge your current level of understanding.

How long does TTP take? ›

Global Entry: 4-6 months. NEXUS: 12-14 months. SENTRI: 10-12 months. FAST: 1-2 weeks.

How do I pass a test I didn't prepare for? ›

Read on to learn more about how to pass any exam without studying.
  1. Find the right workplace. ...
  2. Make the most use of your time. ...
  3. Assemble your requirements properly to avoid distractions. ...
  4. Compile all your notes. ...
  5. Avoid cramming for long hours. ...
  6. Prioritize and work accordingly. ...
  7. Talk to someone around you.

Is it easy to get 315 in GRE? ›

315 (with a 165 in Math), is an average score. However, 320 (with 170 in Math) is easily an above average score.

Is target test prep better than magoosh? ›

TTP offers more practice questions and video lessons, and they have a higher score improvement guarantee. However, Magoosh provides a longer access period, optional live online classes, and private tutoring at a much more reasonable rate.

Is it easy to get 320 in GRE? ›

The 320 GRE percentile is around 80 percent or above! But again, the GRE is a sectional game. If you want admission in a specific course, say engineering, you need to up your game and receive the highest possible score in the quant section.

Is it better to guess or not answer on the GRE? ›

Answer every question

Nothing is subtracted from your score for incorrect answers. To maximize your scores on the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures, it's best to answer every question.

How is Target Test Prep GRE? ›

In terms of the quality and realism of Target Test Prep's GRE practice questions, I was very impressed. In total, you get access to over 4,000 practice problems. That's a good amount, and especially impressive given the price of this course. But quantity aside, I really liked the realistic nature of their problems.

Is it OK to guess on the GRE? ›

Guessing on the GRE

Good news: There's no penalty for guessing on the GRE. Fill in an answer for every question, even if you decide to skip it. Guessing on this test is a skill in and of itself that requires practice.

Can you prepare for GRE in 50 days? ›

You can take over three to six months to prepare for the exam to get your desired scores. However, if you don't have much preparation time left, then a GRE study plan for 2 months can work for you as well, but you need to be consistent.

What is a good GRE target score? ›

A "good" GRE score depends on the the programs you are considering. For comparison, the average score for all GRE test takers is currently a 150 for Verbal and a 152 for Math (Source: ETS).
GRE Score Percentiles.
ScoreAnalytical Writing Percentile
7 more rows

Can I improve my GRE score in 3 weeks? ›

Unlike the two week and one week study plans, the 36 hours that you spend during the three week plan should not only help you to become familiar with the GRE, but you should be able to significantly improve to the score that you would get if you were not to study.

How long does it take to complete TTP reddit? ›

If I had to give a rough estimate, I'd say about 100 hours on quant and 50 hours on verbal is accurate. Took me about 6-7 weeks, while working full time. Averaged about 2 hours a day, 4-5 ish on weekends. Started at 620 (Q40 V35) finished with 730 (Q48 V42).

Is Target Test Prep good for quant? ›

Best prep program for a structured and successful approach

TTP helped me make significant progress in both the quant and verbal sections and prepare me in the best possible way for the GMAT. Furthermore, the adaptive study plan helped me to create a structured study plan and thus make the best use of my time.

What does TTP look like? ›

The symptoms of TTP are caused by blood clots, a low platelet count, and damaged red blood cells. Your symptoms may include: Petechiae, which are small, flat red spots under the skin caused by blood leaking from blood vessels. Purpura, which is bleeding in your skin that can cause red, purple, or brownish- yellow spots.

Is 1 week enough to study for exams? ›

Fortunately, a week can be enough time to get ready for a test. Just study a little every day so you can keep your stress levels low. You might even have fun while you study!

Is 15 days enough to study for an exam? ›

The students must revise as much as they can in these 15 days. Do not study any new concept, you can study only those new concepts which have higher weightage and are important for the examination. Revise regularly, solve problems find mistakes and rectify them in the next revision.

Is it OK if you fail a test? ›

A failed exam can come as a shock but shouldn't define your entire semester. Avoid the temptation to quit a subject or ignore studying because of one bad grade. Use the experience of failing an exam as an opportunity to work on your weaknesses. Remember to stay calm and ask your professor for advice on how to improve.

Can I improve my GRE score in 2 weeks? ›

This answer depends on your goal scores and how far you are from those scores. In any case, you should not spend less than 2 weeks studying for the GRE and will likely reach diminishing returns by 6 months of studying. Ideally, you should spend somewhere from 1 month to 5 months studying.)

Is 1 month enough time to study for GRE? ›

For the GRE, most people devote a few hours a week for a few months. As a result, the amount of time spent studying for the GRE could range anywhere from eight to 120 hours (studying ten hours a week for 12 weeks). Most people start their GRE preparation plan in 2 months.

How to score 330 in GRE in 10 days? ›

101 Powerful Tips to Score 330+ on the GRE
  1. Get to Know the Test. ...
  2. Take a Diagnostic Test. ...
  3. Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses. ...
  4. Set a Realistic Target Score. ...
  5. Understand How Much Time You Will Need. ...
  6. Make Your Own Study Plan. ...
  7. Review the Basics. ...
  8. Learn to Balance Your Time.

Is Magoosh 1000 enough? ›

Ans. In terms of quality and information, Magoosh vocab flashcards are best. You can learn 1000 high frequency words by searching for them. That will undoubtedly suffice because, in the GRE, you do not need to know the meaning of every word mentioned.

Is Magoosh tougher than actual GRE? ›

Magoosh math tends to combine multiple topics into one problem. The math videos presented on Magoosh even admit they are a bit harder compared to the actual test. Using Magoosh for GRE prep will help your GRE score improve, especially if you are acing the more difficult questions.

Is Magoosh GRE enough? ›

Quality Of Magoosh GRE Study Materials. While priced at around ¼ of the cost of some other test prep companies' courses, Magoosh still manages to offer some great study resources. Not to mince words, the level of resources they offer are not nearly as robust as others, but may be all you need to get the job done.

What is the hardest part of the GRE? ›

Challenging Vocabulary

The GRE's vocabulary in the verbal reasoning section is one of the more challenging exam components. The section evaluates your knowledge of some quite esoteric and advanced words for over half of the time.

What is a 75% on the GRE? ›

A score of 157, which is in the 75th percentile, means you scored better than 75% of the test takers, something of which you can be very proud. A score in this range is something you can apply to most graduate programs with strong hope to get in without re-taking the GRE.

How to increase GRE score from 290 to 310? ›

What to do differently in order to improve your GRE Score?
  1. Take a different approach. Always remember, writing an exam again is not just about your verbal reasoning or your quantitative reasoning. ...
  2. Always take a prep time before the re-take. ...
  3. Address your areas of weakness, learn new tools.

Does GRE get harder if you do better? ›

The difficulty level is the same for each student at the start of the test. From there, the follow-up sections can become harder or easier depending on the number of correct and incorrect answers you give as you progress.

Does GRE outweigh GPA? ›

High GRE Scores

If you diligently plan, study, and then kick butt at the GRE, a high score could help offset a low GPA. This aptitude test helps measure your readiness for graduate school. A high score may even do more than your GPA to communicate your capability as a graduate student.

How many questions can you miss and get a 170 GRE? ›

170 (perfect quant) + 170 (perfect verbal) = 340

For the verbal section one can get a near perfect score by getting a 5-6 questions wrong. So to get a perfect quant score, the maximum you can get wrong is two questions - for verbal you can get 3 questions incorrect and still get a perfect score.

Is Target test prep good for quant? ›

Best prep program for a structured and successful approach

TTP helped me make significant progress in both the quant and verbal sections and prepare me in the best possible way for the GMAT. Furthermore, the adaptive study plan helped me to create a structured study plan and thus make the best use of my time.

Are test prep courses worth it? ›

1. Test Prep Classes Have Been Shown to Raise Scores. ThoughtCo cites two studies on the effects of prep classes on standardized test scores, one from the 1990s and one from 2009. Both found that formal prep work raised verbal scores on the SAT by about 10 points and math scores by about 20.

How effective is the test preparation course? ›

A test preparation course is beneficial in many ways. Besides gaining a better understanding of the material to be tested on, the student also learns time-management techniques and organizational skills.

What is the best test prep company? ›

  • The Princeton Review - Best Overall. ...
  • PrepScholar - Best for Self-Study. ...
  • Prep Expert - Most Comprehensive SAT Strategies. ...
  • Kaplan - Most Engaging On-Demand Lessons. ...
  • Magoosh - Best Budget. ...
  • Khan Academy - Best Free Resource. ...
  • Testive - Best for Customized Support.

Is 49 a good quant score? ›

The raw score of 50 often correlates to an 88th percentile performance in Quant, while a raw score of 49 approximately correlates to a 79th percentile performance in Quant and that is by any standards a huge difference in percentile ranking.

Is 48 a good quant score? ›

For someone without much of a quantitative background, a score of 45 or higher on the Quant section is usually considered good enough even by top-10 schools. (Though if you are an engineer or financial analyst, you may need to aim higher.)


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