Swipe right or left on Bumble? do it right (2023)

Swiping left or right on Bumble should be a pretty easy decision, right? Or maybe it's more nuanced than just swiping, depending on how sexy you find someone. We address this fundamental question in our blog post.

We'll also cover (if you're a total Bumble newbie) what swiping is on Bumble, how exactly Bumble swipe left and right, what happens when you swipe up on Bumble, is there a swipe limit on Bumble and can you get to the last one? swipe back and more.


What does it mean to swipe right on Bumble?

Swiping right on Bumble means finding an attractive Bumble profile by moving (swiping) your finger over someone's profile picture on the touch screen.

Swipe right or left on Bumble? do it right (1)

So if you're really into someone on Bumble and you think you might have a nice conversation with them, swipe right.

There's no separate icon to like someone on Bumble (you can also tap the green heart icon to like someone on Tinder), so your only option is to swipe right.

What happens when you swipe right on Bumble?

When you swipe right on someone on Bumble, two things can happen.

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If the other person already swiped at you before you swiped right, you'll get an instant match from Bumble right after the swipe and you can reverify their profile.Bumble-Match-Fila.

Swipe right or left on Bumble? do it right (2)

Since Bumble empowers women, as a man you have to wait for the girl to message you first so you can message her too. As a woman, you have 24 hours to send that first message or your Bumble match will be gone.

What does it mean to swipe left on Bumble?

A Bumble left swipe is the exact opposite of a right swipe, it moves the Bumble profile picture you see on your screen to the left.

That means you don't find her attractive, or even if she has an attractive profile, you wouldn't consider her a realistic date.

What happens when you swipe left on Bumble?

In this case, even if she swiped right, you won't match.

This mechanism was first developed byCombustibleand it was so brilliant that almost every new dating app since, as well as Bumble, has copied this fundamental feature.

That way, you'll never know if someone swiped left on you on Bumble, i.e. rejected you based on your appearance. You will only find out who found your Bumble profile attractive and who swiped right.

Swipe left or right on Bumble?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, swiping right or left on Bumble shouldn't depend on whether or not you find a particular profile attractive.

And we're not even talking about automatically liking everyone on Bumble. You may think it's a great time-saving strategy, but it's quite the opposite. Bumble's algorithm can detect this type of behavior, flag your Bumble account, and penalize your behavior by banning you or minimizing the impressions your profile receives.

However, even swiping right on almost any Bumble profile can be detrimental to you. We recommend that you be as selective as possible when swiping right, as it seems that the Bumble algorithm rewards this behavior and it is shown to many more people.

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You can be picky about just swiping right on Bumble profiles that you not only find attractive or good-looking, but you think you have a chance of finding them.

Swiped left on someone on Bumble, saw this profile a second time

Even if you left someone on Bumble, if you live in a less crowded area, Bumble might show you their profile again after a period of time.

From a practical point of view, this means that you should always try to improve your profile by uploading new photos. So, if your profile appears in a person swipe you swiped left the first time, you might swipe right when you like your new photo better.

bumblebee swipe up

One big difference between Tinder and Bumble is that when you swipe up on Tinder, you don'tgrand robberyA profile. On Bumble, you can swipe up to see other profile photos and biographical information that you can see on the screen.

You can't swipe up to communicate with someone with SuperSwipe. SuperSwipe only works when you tap on the yellow heart in the bottom left corner of the screen. (We have a separate article where we cover everythingBumble's Super Slideso check it out if you want to know more about SuperSwipes).

Bumble Slide Limit

Bumble hasn't had a swipe limit for a long time, to differentiate itself from Tinder, where a swipe limit was introduced a long time ago.

However, when Bumble becamea more popular and crowded platform, they needed to start monetizing their app by also introducing a swipe limit.

Error Limit Swipe Right

This limit only applies to the number of right swipes you can do in a 24-hour period. And only if you usebounce free, as if you had signed aPacote Bumble Boost, get unlimited right swipe as a premium feature (you also get access to other premium features likebumblebee revenge,Enlargemiunlimited filters).

However, if you're not a Boost subscriber, you're limited to the number of successful swipes you can make in a 24-hour period. There's no official word from Bumble on what the exact right swipe limit is, but it's estimated to be between 100 and 200 swipes in a 24-hour period.

When you reach the swipe limit, you will see the following screen that says "You have reached the end of the line, for today."

Swipe right or left on Bumble? do it right (3)

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Unfortunately, in this case, you'll either have to wait 24 hours to swipe again, or buy Bumble Boost to get unlimited swipe.

Bumble Swipe Limit nach links

Considering that the amount of right swipe on Bumble is limited if you're not a premium member, we think you can swipe left on Bumble as many profiles as you like. (Bumble has no information on this, so this is just speculation based on personal experience.)

Getting a Bumble Hit

If you accidentally swipe in the opposite direction, there's no need to panic, Bumble has a feature to help you get back when you call it.Bumble backtrack.

Go back one Bumble swipe right

However, he does not have the ability to recover a right swipe from Bumble or a SuperSwipe.

Either way, you can only delete the profile if you match him or her. Or you can simply not send the first message and the correspondence will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

We can imagine them extending this feature so that you can swipe back directly as well, but they could make Backtrack a paid feature.

Catch Bumble Swipe left

Bumble Backtrack only works if you accidentally left swipe someone on Bumble.

In return, every Bumble user, either a boost/bumblebee coinsor no, you get three free Bumble Backtracks.

For more information on how to swipe left on Bumble,You can read our detailed article on Bumble Backtrack heremi.

Look at the profile of those who swiped to the right

Another swipe related feature worth mentioning is a premium feature calledHummel BeelineThis allows you to see any profiles you've swiped on Bumble, but haven't swiped yet.

You have to pay for Bumble Boost to use this feature, otherwise you won't see these profiles in your match list, only the first one and even their profile picture will be blurred.

(Video) Tinder & the History of Swiping [Swipe Left or Right?]

If you have Beeline, you can also review this list of profiles and swipe them right or left before they appear on your swipe deck.

frequent questions

Do guys know when you swipe right on Bumble?

It depends, if they have accessHummel Beelinethen they will see your profile on their Beeline immediately after they like your profiles. However, if they don't have oneBumble-BoostSign, they won't. And of course, if they swipe right, they'll find out that you're doing it too.

Can I see who I've stolen from on Bumble?

No, there isn't a dedicated feature or screen that shows you who you've swiped on directly on Bumble. Of course you can see them on yours.Bumble-Match-Filaif they also swipe right and you get a match.

I went straight to bumble but nothing happened, why?

Well, that's very common, especially if you're a man. If you swipe right on a profile, you'll only get a match if you've already swiped right. If you haven't swiped or swiped left on Bumble yet, you'll see the next profile on the screen after the swipe.

What is the swipe limit on Bumble?

Bumble has an unlimited number of left swipes, so you can swipe left as many times as you want within a given amount of time. In terms of successful swipes, if you only have a free Bumble account, the number of successful swipes is limited.


Will Bumble show everyone you swipe left?

Yes, it is possible, especially if you live in a small neighborhood and after a while you come back to see the profile of someone you previously swiped to the left. This also applies if your partner has left because he or she didn't make the first move.


Do I swipe right or left on Bumble? ›

If you're interested, you swipe right — if you're not, swipe left. What makes Bumble different from other dating apps like Tinder and OKCupid, though, is its focus on giving women all the power.

Will you still see someone on Bumble if they swiped left on you? ›

We show our users profiles that they have already left swiped on, just incase they changed their mind or made a mistake. Hence why your profile may still be shown to other users even though you have swiped left initially as we may show you the same profile again incase you want to swipe right a second time round.

What happens if you swipe left too much on Bumble? ›

Once you hit your daily swipe limit, you will have to wait 24 hours for your swipes to reset (e.g. if you hit the limit at 8 pm your swipes will refresh at 8 pm the next day). If you would like to continue swiping, you can get unlimited votes with a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscription.

What if you swipe right on Bumble by mistake? ›

What do you do now? Don't sweat it: with Bumble's Backtrack feature, you're able to correct a mistaken swipe or reconsider a previous profile. And even better, you can Backtrack as many times as you'd like! To Backtrack on Bumble, simply tap the arrow on the top left corner of your screen.

How do you use Bumble effectively? ›

6 Bumble Profile Pro Tips to Stand Out
  1. Make your first photo stand out. Your first photo is your first impression– so make it your best. ...
  2. Keep your highlight reel real. ...
  3. Show and tell. ...
  4. Less is not more. ...
  5. Get specific. ...
  6. Ask a trusted friend.

How do you start a conversation in Bumble? ›

Your first Bumble message should ask an open-ended question, offer a compliment, or mention something in their profile. All three methods prompt a response, which is your ultimate goal with an opening line.

Will I see the same person again on Bumble? ›

You'll also likely notice that Bumble will show you the same person twice if it runs out of new users in your area, even if you swiped left on them before. The app rewards “good” behavior. Bumble wants you to be discerning when it comes to swiping.

Do Bumble matches disappear after a while? ›

Once they've sent their first message, their match has 24 hours to respond, or the connection expires. In same-sex matches, either person is encouraged to make the first move within 24 hours. The other person has 24 hours to respond, or the connection expires.

Can you tell the last time someone has been on Bumble? ›

There isn't a function on the app that lets others know if someone is currently live on the app,” the Bumble representative said. “However, you can be certain that anyone you see on Bumble has been active in the last 30 days.

Will they see me if I swipe right on Bumble? ›

When you swipe right on someone on Bumble, they get a notification that they have a match. However, they cannot see your profile unless they have paid for Bumble Boost. Many people use the free version of Bumble where they cannot see the profile of someone who has swiped right.

Does swiping right on everyone work Bumble? ›

Yes it does, the same exact thing with Tinder. If you swipe right on every single person without even taking a second to look at their others pics or bio, the app WILL pick this up and determine you to be a bot. It will then shadow ban you to the point no one sees your profile.

How do I know if a girl swiped right on Bumble? ›

Receiving a notification that someone has liked your profile means you're on the path to making meaningful connections! This notification is sent when someone has swiped right on your profile but doesn't mean you have a new match waiting. A match is created once both users have mutually swiped right on each other.

Which way do you swipe to reject on Bumble? ›

Swipe left on someone if you aren't interested and don't want to match with them. First just head over to your swipe queue by tapping on the hive icon in the bottom left corner. If you tap through someone's profile and decide that they aren't a good match for you, simply swipe left.

How do you increase your chances of Bumble? ›

6 Ways to Get More Matches on Bumble
  1. Verify your profile. Use Bumble's photo verification tool to let potential matches know they're swiping on the real deal. ...
  2. Add Profile Badges. ...
  3. Write a short and punchy bio. ...
  4. Beef things up with Profile Prompts. ...
  5. Integrate your Spotify and Instagram accounts. ...
  6. SuperSwipe!

How does Bumble pick your best pic? ›

The Best Photo feature uses technology to ascertain which of your first three Bumble profile photos gets the most right swipes—or likes—and then puts that pic at the top of your profile. This, along with completing your profile, can improve your chances of making matches and finding your next connection.

What is a good first response on Bumble? ›

Dating coach Benjamin Daly thinks of it as a three-step process: Start with a greeting like, “Hey, (name),” which will make it feel more personal. Then “make an observation about something in their profile: I noticed…, I saw…, I didn't have you down as…” Finally, “end with a question about your observation.”

What do you say after hi on Bumble? ›

How to Respond to Hey on Bumble
  • Say hey back to them.
  • Send an emoji or GIF.
  • Find out how they're doing.
  • Tease them for sending a short opener.
  • Ask why they matched with you.
  • Reference something from their profile.
  • Give them a compliment.
  • Make a silly joke or observation.

What are good flirty conversation starters? ›

Flirty Conversation Starters to Help Break the Ice
  • Give a compliment on their appearance. What you mean: I want to see you naked. ...
  • Ask if they're attached. ...
  • Say you've been thinking about them. ...
  • Mention things you could do together. ...
  • Talk about dating and being single. ...
  • Offer to be their date.
May 4, 2019

What happens if 2 guys match on Bumble? ›

In same-gender matches, matches with two non-binary people, or matches between non-binary people and men, either person has the power to make the first move. Then, the other person has 24 hours to respond, or the connection expires.

Why do people Unmatch on Bumble? ›

They really didn't want to match you in the first place, so when you actually messaged them, they simply unmatched you. Don't take it personally.

Why do guys stop messaging on Bumble? ›

They're Super Busy

Humans love telling other humans how busy they are. However, usually, people are incredibly busy. "When you're active on Bumble, you're chatting and juggling multiple people and not single focused on one potential date," says Spira. It's not you, it's their schedule.

Why do people not reply on Bumble? ›

It could be they were never attracted to you, it could also be a lazy intro message you sent (hi, hey, what's up), it could be a lack of a bio or good answers to prompts so they know how to continue the conversation or it could be they have too many matches at the moment.

How can you tell if a man is active on Bumble? ›

Great news—now you can! We've recently added a new indicator where you can now see when your matches are active. A green dot will appear on the lower right corner of your match's avatar in your conversations.

Can you tell if someone snoozed their Bumble? ›

But that last part is completely optional—you don't have to set an away status, and none of your matches will know you're on Snooze Mode unless you tell them.

What does it look like when someone ends the chat on Bumble? ›

However, for the person they unmatched, the conversation only becomes grayed out in their Chat Screen. If they then click into that chat, they'll see a message that informs them the other user had left.

What's better hinge or Bumble? ›

Thus, Bumble might be better if you're looking for many people to start conversations with, while Hinge may be better for finding one person you're compatible with for the long term.

Does Bumble rate your attractiveness? ›

By rating each user, it allows Bumble to expose your profile to a higher proportion of people with a similar attractiveness rating, theoretically increasing your chances of matching.

Do most guys swipe right on everyone? ›

New research shows that men tend to like most profiles on Tinder, while women only swipe right on the people they're actually attracted to. We asked men on the dating app why they'll swipe right for just about anyone.

How often do men swipe right on Bumble? ›

On the popular dating app, which has users swipe right to indicate they “like” a potential match and swipe left to say “nope,” men are almost three times as likely to swipe right than women are, the New York Times reports. Men do it 46% of the time, while women do it just 14% of the time.

Does the girl make the first move on Bumble? ›

After a match has been created, what follows depends on the member's gender. On Bumble, women always Make the First Move in all modes. If they don't initiate a conversation within 24 hours, the connection expires. If you're unable to start a chat you can always continue swiping through other profiles.

Is swiping right the same as liking on Bumble? ›

How Messaging On Bumble Works. Bumble shows you profiles, and you swipe left (to pass) or swipe right (to like) them. (Same as on Tinder.) If you and someone else both swipe right on each other, you match.

How do you know if you matched on Bumble? ›

Once you've made a match — both you and the other person have swiped right on each other — it appears at the top of your Conversations page (which you can find by tapping the chat icon at the bottom-right of the Bumble screen).

What are the swipe options on Bumble? ›

In your Swipe Deck, you'll be able to swipe yes or no on profiles. If you swipe yes and the other member has already swiped yes, it'll be a match! If the other member hasn't swiped yes on you because they haven't come across your profile yet but they do later, you'll receive a match notification when that happens.

Does Bumble show your profile to everyone you swipe right on? ›

Because your profile only appears to people you've already swiped right on, you have more control over who can see your photos and personal information and how many people see it. And, when you do get a match, you'll know it's someone you've already shown interest in.

What is Bumble like for guys? ›

Bumble works the same for men and women, except that men aren't allowed to send the first message to a woman they've matched with. Once a woman sends a message to a man, they can chat without any restrictions. After making a match on Bumble, you can see and chat with contacts from the conversation page.


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