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ISSTH Chapter 916: Double Grandmaster!

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Hu immortal blessed land.

The subterranean cave shone with a blood-red light.

The faint crimson light came from the blood-colored lingzhi stalks in the cave. These blood-colored Lingzhi grew freely, transformed from ordinary Lingzhi.

The original Zhi Forest was not fit for the blessed land of Hu Immortal.

But after the earthly disaster of Kerria's blood poison, the blessed land of immortal Hu gained some Dao marks through the path of blood, the environment of the whole area changed drastically, it was suitable for the growth of some life forms of the path of blood

Thus, the originally shrinking Zhi Forest became a Blood Zhi Forest, which grew rapidly and became extremely lush.

And before that, in the blessed land of Hu Immortal, chestnut flowers, blue poison grass, water chestnut grass, six divine herbs, seven colored seven treasure flowers and milk tea flowers and more grew everywhere, but they were all eradicated.

Comparing the two you can see how ruthless Heaven was, there was a sense of great changes over time, there was a deep meaning behind it.

Fang Yuan sat on a giant blood Lingzhi.

At that moment, he slowly opened his eyes and let out a whiff of cloudy air.

Previously, she used the identity of Xing Xiang Zi and a vaguely familiar face to disguise her appearance when moving house.

Now in the blessed land of Hu Immortal, he was in his base camp, he didn't have to use an immortal essence to keep the transformation path killing movement, Fang Yuan was now in his original zombie form.

It had eight arms, its face was green and its eyes were a bright red, it was twenty feet tall with protruding fangs, it shone with a cold glow amidst the crimson light.

But at that moment his eyes shone with a deep light of wisdom.

This light was the accumulation of time, the crystallization of time and space, moving and contrasting starkly with its evil and implacable appearance.

Fang Yuan, recalling his earlier thoughts, breathed out a foggy breath and softly sighed, "The gains are just too big this time."

I had to admit that point.

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Because through this exploration of the dream realm, Fang Yuan's Star Path and Wisdom Path reached the level of Grandmaster!

The Dream Realm of the Star Constellation Venerable Immortal not only increased the achievement level of Fang Yuan's Path of Wisdom, but also increased the achievement level of the Star Path.

Fang Yuan was very surprised.

Grandmaster Achievement Level!

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What does that mean?

After laying foundations in his previous life and in his present life, Fang Yuan had only become a great master on the path of blood and the path of strength.

Among them was the great master of the blood path, because Fang Yuan mainly cultivated the blood path in his previous life, it accumulated over time.

As for the grand master of the path of strength, in his previous life he cultivated it only secondarily, while this time he mainly cultivated it. Because he had a foundation in his previous life, when he cultivated it this time with the help of the immortal ascension tribulation, he had the opportunity to learn from heaven and earth. There was also the dream realm of Hei Lou Lan.

For all these reasons, he managed to collect enough bases.

After so much effort in both lifetimes, in more than five hundred years, he had become a great master in only two ways.

But this time he was just exploring a Star Constellation Dream Realm of the Immortal Venerable, and it had been less than half a month, but he was already a Wisdom Path and Star Path Grand Master!

It was impossible to physically see his grandmaster's level of achievement, but Fang Yuan knew his achievements were immeasurable! He could even say that it was more valuable than the blessed land of Hu Immortal.

"My earnings this time will allow me to grow tremendously during this period, maybe even get out of my situation!"

Generally speaking, development was the result of accumulation and gradual progress; growing slowly and steadily, it would succeed in the end.

But chance encounters and unexpected luck would allow you to experience explosive growth, get out of a state of stagnation and save a lot of time, turn the situation around and achieve extraordinary achievement.

Since reincarnation, Fang Yuan had solved difficulties, advanced boldly and had many gains, they were extremely helpful to him and allowed him to find solutions.

liquor worm, spring and autumn cicada, gu blood skull, gu bone meat unit, gu effort, blessed land of the three kings, blessed land of immortal hu, second opening of gu, a path of immortal gu's strength to become and break away from the Let nature inspire, as well as wisdom Gu.

In addition to these, there were other areas in which he grew and made progress, but they did not negate his situations.

However, after this trip to the Starry Sky Sky Grotto, Fang Yuan received a shocking new vintage that was double his Grandmaster level!

Among them, Wisdom Gu was a level nine Immortal Gu, he had made an agreement with Fang Yuan but it was not his, the extent to which he could use it was not high.


Power levels, however, were something exclusively owned by Gu Immortal.

In Fang Yuan's opinion, the two-time grandmaster's level of performance was more valuable than Gu's own wisdom!

"Since the rebirth, this could be considered another situation where I made huge and shocking wins, but this time the process was very simple, it was incredibly simple."

Fang Yuan could sense the mysteries of life's twists and turns in life's possibilities.

Of course he had a few hunches, maybe it had something to do with Connect Luck?

Speaking of which, since using Connect Luck, Fang Yuan's cultivation path had become much smoother.

The increase in their proficiency levels, especially as they rose to Grandmaster proficiency levels, gave him an incredible feeling he couldn't describe!

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It was like looking out the window and seeing a large rock formation full of cracks and undergrowth.

Now he went up a few steps and could see farther and higher.

Now he could see part of the rock formation below, he felt that part of the formation was now as small as a rock beneath his feet!

As he looked further ahead, he could see more and understand more deeply.

Achievement level that was something very difficult to describe.

What was the level of performance?

Even for Gu Master's developed cultivation world, everyone had their own explanations, there was no unified description.

Fang Yuan's soul came from Earth.

This difference caused him to judge the degree of completion of the sentence differently.

“The so-called performance levels are like arithmetic problems. By answering many mathematical questions, one can gain experience by getting the correct answer, eventually understanding the gist of them, attaining enlightenment and increasing one's level of achievement. With this understanding, they can easily solve other related math questions and get the right answer. If they have unfamiliar questions, they can sometimes draw on their existing knowledge.”

When Fang Yuan encounters problems in cultivation, he can solve the problem to varying degrees because his level of achievement has increased.

For example, Fang Yuan's previous use of wisdom gu was only superficial, it was a brutal and forced method. Now that he had the achievement level of Grand Master of the Path of Wisdom, he got a lot of inspiration and ideas, he could try to use some extra Gu worms to use the Gu wisdom more efficiently.

Another example was the modification of Gu's recipes.

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At that time, Fang Yuan tried to modify the Gu Memory Thought, Gu Star Thought, and Malevolent Thought recipes, but because his proficiency level on the Wisdom Path was low, he kept failing, finding dead ends, and unable to break through.

After that, he successfully modified Gu's mind recipe, but he used Starlight Immortal Gu, it wasn't due to his own skills.

Now Fang Yuan could feel that he could modify these Gu recipes and they would be even better than before.

In addition, Fang Yuan was confident that he could perfect incomplete inheritances. As before, Fang Yuan received an incomplete legacy of the Way of Wisdom, Memory Thought Gu, Reminiscence of the Immortal Gu, and several deadly killing moves. With his current level of proficiency as a grandmaster, Fang Yuan would be able to derive and even restore that legacy to some degree.

Gu's recipes can be modified, he can also modify killer moves. The killer moves a myriad of cars, vaguely familiar faces, they were in the realm of possible uses.

Also killer moves on the battlefield, Fang Yuan couldn't find any after such a long time, but now he had the basis to create one himself!

Or, for example, the construction of the blessed land of the star shape, before that, Fang Yuan's plans required large sums of money. Now, with his Wisdom Path and Star Path conquest tiers, he could upgrade that blueprint and save an immense amount of Immortal Essence Stones in building fees! Also, this new plan would be even more ideal and useful than the old one!

Creating hairy men, his eight sources of income, using Gu's immortal souls, claiming Ge Pi's blessed land, there were many things he could do.

The increase in power levels was something very special.

In summary, growth is experienced in all aspects as performance levels increase. Gu Master's cultivation journey would be strengthened, there would be great prospects, his power would also increase!

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The time goes fast.

As for the time of the five regions, half a month has passed.

Two intertwined wills fighting fiercely.

Fang Yuan's will took full advantage, suppressing Mo Yao's will.

Fang Yuan's will advantage continued to grow, now he could play with Mo Yao's will with almost no problems.

"How can this be, how can your skills increase so much?!" Mo Yao's will cried out in surprised rage.

Before that, Fang Yuan used a similar will to fight with Mo Yao's will, they were even at best, he was at a disadvantage.

But now, as Fang Yuan's path of wisdom reached Grand Master's level of proficiency, he only used a third of his will to defeat Mo Yao's will until she cried out in fear.

From the beginning of the battle, Fang Yuan was relentless in the lead, suppressing Mo Yao's will and preventing him from doing anything.

"Before, I used Mo Yao's will as a training dummy, I learned many techniques by fighting with his will. Now I am far beyond Mo Yao's will, I can apply many techniques naturally and smoothly. Mo Yao's will has lost its value as a training dummy."

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Thinking about this, Fang Yuan withdrew his will.

He focused his full attention on the deadly movement on the battlefield before him, a labyrinth of eight gates.

Ten days ago, Fang Yuan left the blessed land of Hu Immortal, came to the East Sea, and joined Shark Demon and the others to explore the blessed land of Yu Lu.

The then difficult barrier, the eight-gate maze, could now be overcome by Fang Yuan, a great master on the path of wisdom.

At that time, Fang Yuan thought that in order to have a chance to dismantle the eight-gate maze, he would need the immortal Gu-Way of Wisdom, Star Thought.

But now he could multitask and deduce the deadly move from the battlefield while secretly fighting against Mo Yao's will.

More importantly, after dozens of days had passed in the time of the blessed land, Shark Demon and the others led by Fang Yuan were finally close to opening the eight-gate maze.

"We are about to go through the eight-gate maze to think that this Xing Xiang Zi would suddenly become so wild!"

"Eight Gate Labyrinth, is this battlefield killer the last obstacle in the blessed land of Yu Lu?"

The immortals were secretly excited.


With a rumbling sound, Fang Yuan completely cleared the eight-gate maze.

The true manifestation of the blessed land of Yu Lu appeared before all immortals!

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