math puzzles for kids (2023)

Easy math puzzles for kids to improve their critical thinking

Does your child not want to learn math? So you need to make math lessons for kids more fun and less stressful. Make math class more exciting and funRiddles for childrenlike math puzzles for kids.

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These math puzzles for kids can be an effective way to test your child's knowledge of different math concepts without stressing them out.

To improve your math skills, you need to find creative teaching methodsmath for kids🇧🇷 This not only makes math lessons fun and stress-free, but also helps to increase interest in the subject. So next time the kids are bored, engage them in a fun session of math puzzles for kids with answers. By solving the puzzle correctly, they will learn critical thinking and logical thinking. Here are some fun math brain teasers for kids to create a fun and enjoyable math learning environment.

List of math puzzles for kids

Check out these math riddles for kids that will make learning easy and fun!

  1. Jack, Nancy, and Rebecca watched a basketball game together and each bought a ticket. How many tickets did you buy in total? (Answer: 3)
  2. When Jake was 8 years old, his younger brother Shawn was half his age. If Jake is 20 today, how old is Shawn? (Answer: 16)
  3. Write how many times you can subtract the number 10 from 25. (Answer: Just once! The moment you subtract 10 from 25, it becomes 15, not 25.)
  4. Try Osmo Numbers game to improve your kid's counting skills!

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  5. Imagine you go to the cinema and you are the one paying. In your opinion, would it be cheaper to go to the cinema twice with a friend or two friends at the same time? (Answer: the last one! Because that way you only pay for 3 tickets, as opposed to the first where you pay for 4.)
  6. Create an equation with eight eights so the numbers add up to a thousand. (Answer: 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000)
  7. Jack goes to the supermarket and buys 10 potatoes. Unfortunately, on the way home, all but 9 are ruined. How many potatoes stay in good condition? (Answer: 9!)
  8. Which number stays the same no matter what number you multiply it by? (Answer: 0)
  9. If 8 = 2, 666 = 3, 9 = 1 and 9090 = 4, what is 618902? (Answer: 618902 = 5. Breakdown: There is 1 circle in number 6, 2 circles in number 8, 1 circle in number 9 and 1 circle in number 0)
  10. What can you put between 4 and 5 so that the result is greater than 4 but less than 5? (Answer: a decimal number. For example 4.8)
  11. A mattress and sheet set totals $110. If the mattress costs $100 more than the sheet, how much did the mattress cost? (Answer: $105. Division: Let X = mattress and Y = sheet. X + Y = 110 and X = Y +100. Total Y + Y +100 = 110, which means Y = 5. So the sheet costs 5 Dollars And since the mattress costs $100 more than the sheet, the cost of the mattress = $105)
  12. Suzi has 3 mangoes and 2 pears in one hand and 2 mangoes and 4 pears in the other. How many pears and mangoes did Suzi eat? (Answer: 5 mangoes and 6 pears)
  13. Once upon a time there lived 5 children in a house near the field. The age difference between them was 3 years. If the youngest child was 3, how old was the third child? (Answer: 9 years)
  14. If you multiply 8 by another number, the number is still the same: what number are we talking about? (Answer: zero)
  15. Alan bought four different flavors of ice cream at the market. The price for the strawberry ice cream was $3, the chocolate ice cream was $5, the vanilla ice cream was $4 and the pineapple ice cream was $3. What did the ice cream cost in total? (Answer: $15)
  16. There are 28 days in a month. What month is it? (Answer: February)
  17. What comes before 11 and after 15? (Answer: 10 and 16)
  18. If your friend has 5 apples and 4 pears and you take 2 apples and 1 pear from him. How many apples and pears does your friend have left in total? (Answer: 3 apples and 3 pears)
  19. When my mother was 30 years old, I was 9 years old. Now I'm 40 years old, how old will she be now? (Answer: 61 years)
  20. How many sides does a square have? (answer: four)
  21. Sally went to the market to buy 1 dozen eggs. How many eggs did he get? (Answer: 12)
  22. What is a math teacher's favorite dessert? (Answer: Pi(e))
  23. Jill has 3 children and each of them has a sister. How many children does Jill have? (Answer: 4, the brothers have one sister)
  24. What can you put between 4 and 6 so that the answer is greater than 4 and less than 6? (Answer one decimal place. 4.6 is greater than 4 and less than 6)
  25. Which three numbers give the same result when added or multiplied? (Answer: 2+2+2 = 6 and 2x2x2 = 6)
  26. If you add this number to any other number, the result will always be more. However, if you multiply that number by another number, you get nothing. What is that? (Answer: 0)
  27. Anna brought home a rooster for eggs. If the rooster sits on the fence and lays two eggs and one falls to the other side, is it Ana's or the neighbor's? (Answer: Neither Ana nor the neighbors because the roosters don't lay eggs)
  28. If 2 is a twin and 4 is a four, how many are 3 and 5? (Answer: 8)
  29. Two mothers and two daughters bake. However, there are only 3 cakes at the end. How is that possible? (Answer: There are only 3 people in the kitchen, a mother, her daughter and her daughter's daughter!)
  30. It takes ten men two months to dig a tunnel. How many days does it take 20 men to dig the same tunnel? (Answer: 0, the tunnel is already dug!)
  31. When I say there are two sides to a circle, am I wrong? (Answer: No, a circle has an interior and an exterior, so the statement is correct.)

We hope your kids will enjoy solving these math puzzles for kids! The main goal of these easy math puzzles for kids is to overcome your fear of numbers and make math an exciting subject for your little ones.

For entertaining digital math and physics games that combine learning and fun, check out the rest of our site. Each Osmo math game aims to teach your child basic concepts like counting, adding, subtracting and measuring without making math tiring or boring!

Frequently asked questions about math puzzles for kids

What are some examples of math puzzles for kids?

Some examples of math puzzles for kids are: Joanne, Neal, and Rebecca watched a baseball game together and each bought a ticket. How many tickets did you buy in total? When Jane was 5 years old, her little brother Sophie was half her age. If Jane is 20 today, how old is Sophie? etc.

What are math puzzles for kids?

Math puzzles for kids are the brain teasers that help kids learn numbers, counting, various mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, integers, sequences of numbers, etc. Correctly solve the puzzles to develop math skills.

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