God of Slaughter - Chapter 336: Suicide | The world of light novels (2023)

The curved ten meter moon shaped demonic saber with an inky black blade appeared, erupting with tens of thousands of demonic lights.

Holding the huge demonic saber, Ma QiDun raised his head and let out a roar as if the demon god was descending upon that word. After that, he turned into a bunch of demonic lights and immediately attacked ShiYan.

Once the demon saber was shot down, tens of thousands of powerful demon lights caused strange phenomena in the sky and on the ground, causing the clouds and wind to disappear on this island. The earth shakes, the bottomless gorge reveals itself.

The thick, ink-like demonic aura that emanated from those throats absorbed by the demonic saber was like the black seawater of the Endless Sea crazily rushing towards Ma QiDun.

Zhang's Five Ten Great Negative Demons roared around ShiYan.

The five demons opened their mouths, which were like black holes, and mercilessly swallowed up the endless demonic aura from underground. However, the demon's aura was too strong and it wasn't easy for the five demons to swallow everything in a short time.

"Boundless Demon Saber! Bring the Demon to the Corps!"

Ma QiDun roared and a large amount of demonic aura ran wildly at Demon Saber and Ma QiDun.

A dense demonic aura rushed forward and poured onto Ma QiDun, causing his body to immediately swell. In just a brief moment, he transformed into a hundred meter tall demon dweller. The demon saber was also three times bigger and became a horrendous three hundred meter long demon saber.

It was unknown why Boundless Demon Saber, one of the three great demon sabers of the demon realm in distant antiquity, fell into Ma QiDun's hands.

In legends, this demonic saber is said to be able to cross the interface between different worlds. The Demon Dweller holding the Demon Saber can draw an unlimited Demon Aura from the Demon Realm and transform it into a physical entity covering the user's entire body.

With the limitless demonic saber in his hand, Ma QiDun's body was covered with one hundred thousand tons of demonic aura, and he transformed into a hundred meter tall huge demonic inhabitant.

In the howls and growls that shook the land, the demonic saber was like a mountain crushing ShiYan's head.

ShiYan stood on the deserted island with his head held high, looking at the demonic saber covering the entire sky as his fiery red eyes flashed with many beams of ferocity.

As soon as ShiYan activated his mind, the five negative demons, over ten zhang in height, immediately bared their fangs and claws and then took to the skies to join forces to resist the limitless demon saber.

The negative energy of seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points poured into the five negative demons.

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At the same time, the whirlpool in ShiYan's abdomen immediately erupted with a chilling aura and quickly overpowered his body.

A stream of mysterious power suddenly spread out from his body and seemed to stir up the Eternal Sea.

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Around the island, columns of water a hundred meters long suddenly rose out of the sea and surged forward. Seven columns of water collected and condensed directly over ShiYan's head.

"Splash, splash, splash."

Boundless icy power seeped into the columns of condensed water, then turned into a huge diamond-shaped snowflake, enveloping ShiYan.

The diamond-shaped snowflake looked like an imposing and spectacular iceberg, tens of thousands of meters high, pressing down on ShiYan's head. Cold lights erupted from inside the snowflake, and the icy eerie aura spread everywhere.

"Cross, Cross, Cross."

With this snowflake in the center, the entire deserted island quickly froze. Wherever the cold lights passed, everything was covered with hard blocks of ice. In the blink of an eye, the entire island turned into a frozen island, with no rocks or rocks in sight, apart from lots of blocks of ice.


Five negative demons together still couldn't stop the unlimited demon saber's attack. Under the terrible pressure of the limitless demon saber, they had to retreat even further.

The five negative demons then split in five directions, showing their anchor-like claws, grabbing the handle of the boundless demon saber, wanting to raise the saber to the sky to prevent it from striking.

"Unfortunately, it's just a clone of the ancient demon god. If it was the real ancient demon god, he honestly wouldn't be able to kill you."

Ma QiDun smiled ruthlessly. His huge body suddenly formed a defensive posture with one hand while the other held the demonic saber and attacked again.

Unable to resist this destructive demonic power, the five negative demons were finally driven away.

The demon saber had no other obstacles, and therefore it launched a fierce blow.

"Boom Boom Boom".

Terrible explosions echoed across the island. The iceberg on ShiYan's head broke into pieces, even the solid layer of ice that covered the entire island was also violently torn apart.

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The aftershock of tremendous power spread to the sea around the island and caused the terrible tsunami. Sea water came in, engulfed the entire island and froze again under the island's cold.

ShiYan was hidden under the iceberg; Seeing the enormous penetrating demonic power madly destroying the iceberg and breaking the iceberg into pieces, he was overcome with fear in his heart.

A slash of the limitless demonic saber in Ma QiDun's hand had great intimidating power beyond his imagination. He never imagined that a warrior from the realm could unleash such earth-shattering power.

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The three mysterious life forms of Ice Flame, Earth Flame, and Holy Spirit God were temporarily merged into one, which helped greatly increase the icy power of Ice Flame and Holy Spirit God. They instantly formed a thousand meter high mighty iceberg, blocking a slash from Ma QiDun's saber. If not for that, he believed his soul and body would have been destroyed.

"To be able to deflect a saber slash from me, child, even if you die, you can still be proud of yourself."

Ma QiDun launched another strike, but it failed to crush the iceberg right away. He looked very surprised.

Ma QiDun revealed a cruel smile, brandishing his saber and snarling, "Little rascal, Emperor Yang Tian is finished. Unexpectedly, this extremely intelligent brat from the Yang family appeared out of nowhere. If I let you live, your achievement in the future." it will probably be bigger than Emperor Yang Tian's. I have to kill you today."

While talking madly, Ma QiDun raised his saber again. Millions of tons of demonic aura crazily fell onto the demonic saber, enlarging the original three hundred meter long saber once again.

At the moment, the demon saber was four hundred meters long. The horror of this demonic saber nearly broke ShiYan's spirit into pieces.

In Rampage Second Sky, upon seeing Ma QiDun continue to throw another blow, ShiYan stormed off. He used his limitless power pouring into his body to create an instant electrical shift.

"Boom Boom".

Unable to withstand such tremendous force, its legs suddenly split open, splattering flesh and blood everywhere.

ShiYan disappeared no ar.

When the Boundless Demon attacked Saber, ShiYan's body was gone. He had moved to another island.


A startling and piercing tympanic blast echoed. ShiYan was on top of a mountain on another island, looking in horror at the island he had just left.

Under the second hit of Boundless Demon Slash, this island was split in half.

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Suddenly, a ten thousand meter long crack appeared; Sea water gushed massively. The divided island kept exploding and all the ice blocks on the island were broken into pieces. Amidst the rumbling sounds of the explosion, Ma QiDun roared angrily, looking for ShiYan's trace.


Thick white smoke suddenly rose from seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points on his body. In the next second, he felt a mysterious and intense energy coursing through his entire body; part of it spilled into the deep whirlpool, and the rest spilled over his bones and sinews and moved mysteriously.

A roar tore from his brain. ShiYan's body suddenly shook violently. He felt his sea of ​​consciousness stir, caused by the influence of this mysterious energy. Along with the sublimation of your soul, the host soul became larger and clearer in your sea of ​​consciousness.

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Along with the rising waves, his sea of ​​consciousness rapidly expanded. In one breath, his sea of ​​consciousness was already three times larger. The soul power was extremely powerful. Each soul ray was connected so you could have a deeper understanding of different types of energy.

At the same time, he discovered a huge surge of life energy like an unshakable mountain in Ma QiDun's body.

That vital energy was really fiery.

ShiYan's face suddenly changed as he realized the huge difference in power between him and Ma QiDun. Ma QiDun's abundant holy spiritual qi was like a nuclear power plant in the other world that could supply him with infinite energy.

Ma QiDun stood up and roared and howled in rage. It seems that the Soul Absorbing Demon's Sound broke through all obstacles and followed ShiYan's soul to enter his unstable sea of ​​consciousness.


Suddenly, the five negative demons looked up at the sky howling. Seeming to have realized that their nest was about to collapse, they transformed into five beams of demonic light that rushed towards ShiYan at a speed faster than Ma QiDun's terrifying demonic sound. The five demons returned to ShiYan's Sea of ​​Consciousness before the demon's sound flooded it.

The five negative demons that had transformed into physical beings now reverted to being ghosts, as if they were free to transform between virtual or illusory bodies.

As soon as the five demons entered the sea of ​​consciousness, they immediately split into five directions and dispelled terrible negative emotions, which then formed five layers of formation technique.

When Ma QiDun's piercing demonic sound ended, five levels of formation technique were activated together, condensed and combined to avoid Ma QiDun's piercing demonic sound and protect ShiYan's sea of ​​consciousness from harm.

As his soul trembled, ShiYan's eyes suddenly shone like stars.

At the critical moment, under the terrible pressure of Ma QiDun, the aura of Heavenly Realm warrior Xia ShenChuan finally broke through the bottleneck and helped ShiYan enter the realm of Nirvana.

When the barrier of this new state was broken, as ShiYan's Sea of ​​Consciousness was built a long time ago, he was able to familiarize himself with the new realm right away.

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As his sea of ​​consciousness gradually returned to its normal state, ShiYan felt that the Holy Spiritual Qi had reached a whole new realm. His body seemed to connect with heaven and earth, he could really feel the mysterious power that remained hidden in the world.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh".

In the whirlpool of profound qi, the yin-yang pattern formed by the combination of Cold Flame, Holy Spirit God, and Earth Flame swirled crazily, as if their elements really wanted to merge. Heaven and earth, hovering inconspicuously everywhere under the call of one power, suddenly gathered at this place and directly penetrated ShiYan's body.

ShiYan's body absorbed all the aura of heaven and earth as if it had turned into a giant sponge.

The mysterious ability to gather the heavenly and earthly aura of the Holy Spirit of God suddenly appeared in ShiYan's body.

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His swirling profound qi spread out, refined and condensed the aura of heaven and earth, forming extremely powerful profound qi, which was then poured into the whirlpool.

In the midst of the whirlpool, the ancient profound qi tree that had disappeared before suddenly reappeared and crazily sucked in the profound qi.

ShiYan's strike became intimidating.


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